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Pediatric acupuncture Services 

All services begin with a consultation to assess the patient and their condition, their medical history, diagnosis, and prognosis of the condition.


Pediatric acupuncture Visits

First visit lasts approximately 1.5 hours

Follow up visits last approximately 30 minutes to an hour depending on your child’s age.

Bring your child (newborns to teenagers) for wellness visits where your child's health is enhanced using non-painful modalities such as shonishin, acupressure, pediatric massage, pellets, and radiant heat therapy on specific acupuncture points.  Stimulating these points help to greatly improve the child's immune system, organ function, cognitive function, and overall development.  

If your child is having a specific issue - digestive, sleep, cold/flu, cognitive, respiratory, or dermatological - I can address them with the above treatment modalities and use of gentle, safe (American-made), natural herbal formulations and nutritional supplements to provide your child with the relief and healing they need.  

To read more about Pediatric Asian Medicine, read my Overview of Pediatric Asian Medicine and Holistic Pediatric Wellness First Visit FAQs and Why Asian Medicine Rocks for Children!  

To learn about holistic nutrition -- an integral component to a child's well being and development -- read my 8-Part Series on Healthy, Happy Eating for The Whole Family.

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Herbal Prescription

-May be given in conjunction with your child's pediatric treatment, or independently through an herbal-prescription-only consultation.   The latter will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Many parents are looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs today.   A thorough intake of the patient’s chief complaint(s) and history is followed by an herbal prescription to address the chief complaint. Unlike western drugs, these formulas are made combining different herbs to offer a synergistic restorative effect for the chief complaint as well as addressing the underlying cause of the complaint. The herbs are also combined in a manner to inhibit side effects often experienced with western drugs. Because they are natural, they are also generally much gentler to the body and allow the body to slowly begin the healing process.

To make it palatable to the child, these prescriptions are made in liquid tincture form sweetened with glycerin.  Administration is easy, as it can either be directly squirted into the child's mouth, or mixed with water, diluted juice, yogurt or apple sauce and consumed by the child.

Depending on the condition your child is coming in for, s/he may be taking the herbs only for a few days (say for a cold), or a week or two (say an acute condition like a fall or bruise, or an acute flare up of a chronic condition, like asthma or allergies) or for a few months (addressing a chronic condition like latent allergies & asthma, spectrum disorders, and so forth).  To ask questions about pediatric herbal prescriptions, click here.

Nutritional Assessment and Counseling

Initial visit: Lasts one hour.  

Follow up: Last approximately 30 minutes

Even with the best intentions, due to the nutrient-deficient foods most of us eat today, children can be severely depleted from many nutrients. This deficient state creates a constant state of cellular starvation, which if continued long term, can create a host of health problems, such as joint pain, muscular pain, delayed growth, and so forth. To combat the effects of nutritional depletion, we conduct a thorough assessment of nutritional deficiencies to measure their impact on the cellular health of the patient. Based on this assessment, a complete, personalized nutritional protocol is recommended using supplementation along with healthy food choices and recipes.  Parents of pediatric patients are generally counseled anywhere from three to six months (or longer, depending on the severity of the child's conditions they are wanting to address via nutrition and diet) for nutritional improvements and any support they may need along the way to achieve their optimal health.  To learn more about my nutritional counseling, click here.

Cold and Flu Herbal Consultation

Lasts approximately 30 minutes.  

Coming in at the first sign of a cold - runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, neck tightness, drop in appetite, sudden itchy skin, chills and/or fever - to get an herbal prescription written just for your condition is one of the best ways to combat the onset of a cold or flu.  The herbal prescription will address the specific symptoms manifesting in your body and will help to address that as well as fight off the remaining pathogen in your body.  These herbal formulas, in use literally for thousands of years, are very effective at either nipping the cold or flu in the bud, or shortening the duration and severity of your cold/flu.


Evan’s injury has improved and he is definitely more mindful of his body and what he asks of it, thanks to [Luriko]. None of the other doctors or therapists we’ve come in contact with have put that into perspective for him.
— M. P.
I chose to take my 11 yr old son to Luriko for seizure therapy as well as my 9 yr old who was having anxiety issues. She is great with kids and the techniques worked! My boys love going to see her and learning about the different therapies they can do to help them feel better. Pediatric accupuncture/oriental medicine works! We love it and definitely recommend Luriko.
— Jessica DeLorenzo Echeverry

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