What is Chinese Medicine and how does it work? - Mon., April 22, 2-3pm - Outside the Box

If you've ever wanted to try a holistic approach towards your and your child's health care needs, or if you were ever curious about how acupuncture works (No, it doesn't hurt!), then come listen to acupuncturist Luriko Ozeki explain how Chinese medicine can help you and your family. Luriko P. Ozeki, L.Ac. is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. She is committed to educating the public about the natural healing powers of this ancient medical system and how it can work to effectively and without pharmaceutical drugs address today's common complaints like PMS, low energy, allergies, anxiety, weak immune system, digestive problems like constipation, IBS, bloating and acid reflux, and weight gain, thyroid disorders, and stress, and pediatric needs like runny nose, picky eating, colds/flu, ear infection, and teething.

At Outside the Box - 

Westfield Promenade Mall, 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, #2220

Woodland Hills,  CA  91367

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