Spirit/Heart-Centered Care

I just took the third installment of a continuing education class yesterday with the wise and gifted Dr. Mikio Sankey.  What a true healer and man with vision.  I have been learning for the last year from him about specific acupuncture protocols to use on patients to help them to begin opening their Hearts.

We learned in Chinese Medicine school that the Heart is the Monarch or King of all organs, and that it houses the Shen, or Spirit-Mind.  If the Heart is clear of blockages and baggage and instead open, it can then rule the dominions (the remaining organs) with a clear, wise and compassionate Shen.  In terms of disease, Chinese medicine theory says that the excesses of the 5 emotions (joy, worry, grief, fear and anger) are the root cause of most diseases and imbalances in the body.  However, Chinese medicine theory also goes on to say that if the Shen is harmonious and balanced, it can weather the excesses of the 5 emotions, thus keeping the body healthy and vibrant. As we went through school, however, we forgot the significance of this fundamental Shen/Heart-Centered belief in Chinese medicine, understandably so.  Four years of grueling schooling on theory, acupuncture, herbs, clinical practice, and western medicine, plus ultimately passing the California and/or National Board exams, and then starting our own practices leads one to get caught up in the day to day of living and treating the myriads of health complaints and concerns that our patients come in with to our practices.

Somewhere along the road, I began to yearn for more, however.  I wanted more than to just help heal my patient's chief complaints; I wanted to help transform my patients' lives and their Shen.  I wanted more out of myself, too, as a healer, mother, wife and individual.  Well, "ask and you shall receive," and I was referred to Dr. Sankey last year and I began to see him for acupuncture treatments.  That first treatment was mind-blowing and transformational, to say the least.  It was so profound, I never had a treatment like this in all of the 10 years I've been getting acupuncture.  My whole mind and body shifted from its core to a new vibration.  With continued treatments, I am seeing the amazing transformations my Shen, Heart and body are going through.  I feel such iyashi  with his treatments and feel so invigorated and inspired now, helping me to go once again back to my Center, and to reawaken in me my purpose, which was to always serve and help heal others, and that is why I went into this profession to begin with.

I had to learn from this man.  Luckily, he began offering his continuing education classes locally again since this summer.  So in addition to the pearls of wisdom he's so kindly shared with me every time I go to see him for acupuncture, I have been studying his acupuncture protocols.  Dr. Sankey practices with the fundamental belief I talked about earlier, that the Heart must be open and that if we are all brought back to Center, the healing administered is much more profound for each person.  His protocols energetically unlock the Heart, body and Shen to help it unravel itself from the traumas, pains, blockages and toxins that have held it prisoner for months and years.   I have begun to use these protocols in my practice, and the feedback I am getting from my patients have been phenomenal.  Some feel it more profoundly than others.  Some see changes more gradually.  But one thing they all agree is that in addition to alleviation of their chief complaints, they feel the treatments to be much more powerful than previous to using these specific protocols.

If anyone is feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uninspired, or go through a yo yo of emotions, diets and health symptoms, please consider coming in for an evaluation and Spirit/Heart-Centered treatment.  I can help.  In addition to doing these specific protocol to jump start your healing, I also offering nutritional counseling and purification programs to help support your physical body to more effectively release blockages, wastes and build-ups, speeding up your healing process.  Please call me at 424.248.5576 or email me at info@iyashiwellness.com

Acupuncture for dental work

An article just came out on LA Times that talks about the calming effects of acupuncture for patients having to go through dental work. The study found that within 5 minutes of a few needle insertion in the head, the anxiety scale of patients dropped more than 50 percent! This is true in my non-dental clinical experience because day in and day out I see stressed, anxious, or wound-up patients coming in, and within minutes of my needle insertion, most of my patients' anxious energy levels drop significantly. One minute they are engaged in a lively conversation, then the next, their eyes are shut and they are profoundly relaxed. So if you have never tried acupuncture before and suffer from anxiety, insomnia, not being able to shut off your mind, or stress-related disorders like IBS (irritable bowel disorders), PMS and more, try it! You'll be amazed how peaceful you'll feel lying on the treatment table with needles in you.

Since acupuncture has been shown to improve immune function, it is also very effective in pre- and post-surgery care (both dental and otherwise). It prepares the body before surgery to be in the best possible shape given its circumstances so that there will be minimal surgical complications and requirement for pain killers. And by doing acupuncture post surgery, healing time, scar therapy and infection rates can be reduced significantly.

And the author of the article is correct in guessing that acupuncturists require extensive training to become licensed in the US, particularly in the state of California. Unlike dentists who use acupuncture and require only a minimum of 80 total hours of acupuncture training (50 hours in didactic instructions and 30 hours in clinical training) Licensed Acupuncturists in the state of California require a minimum of almost 4000 total hours of training (minimum 3000 hours in didactic instructions and 800 hours in clinical training) plus passing the country's most rigorous licensing exam conducted by the state's acupuncture board. So rest assured, when you're getting care by a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California, you are seeing one of the finest in the nation.