An Oxygenated Mom

Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images

A boy has been coming to me for digestive issues, which he is responding to wonderfully with just shonishin.  But as happy as I am about this, I am not writing about him.  

A couple weeks back, I gave his mom my "Happy Hour" treatment because I could tell she was having One Of Those Mama Days (we mamas all know Those Days!).  Well, she just reported to me that that night, her husband noticed her having more energy, playing with her children, and that she felt like a nice, warm blanket was covering her whole body.  She was surprised and wondered if it may have been from the seeds, which was the only different thing that happened to her that day.  A few days later, as she was driving and feeling rather stressed, she happen to touch her ear and noticed several of the seeds had fallen out.  She asked me yesterday if them falling out had anything to do with her stress level going up.  I told her “yes.” 

If anyone knows reflexology (the massaging of the feet to address the whole body), the same can be said about the ear.  The ear, like the foot, can be a microcosm of the whole body.  By stimulating certain acupoints on the ear, it can help to regulate whole systems in the body and address symptoms, from reducing pain, smoking cessation, appetite control, lowering blood pressure, to, like what I did to the mom, stress relief.  The ear is right next to the brain, so the nerve messaging that happens with ear acu-stimulation is very quick, strong, and effective, telling the brain what to do almost instantaneously.  And the effects are long lasting.  Like with the mom, she felt calmer and more relaxed for several days.

If ear acupressure is this effective, imagine combining it with body acupuncture (or acupressure to those who don’t like needles) and herbs and dietary changes! 

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world.  But I am glad one more mom could get some reprieve with my ear seeds from the daily challenges of motherhood, because that means one more mother felt more relaxed and calm yet with more energy, allowing her to be more present in her own body and not so much in the head where all the anxious, stressed talk happens.  She could also be more present with her children.  When this interaction is balanced, the Give and Take of love and energy from both mother and child is also nicely balanced.  When the child or mother is imbalanced, that give and take becomes skewed, usually with the child taking more energetically and the mother giving too much, draining the mother completely.  Then the child wants more because the mother has no energy to give anymore, snowballing into a chaotic, tantrum-y child and a very stressed out mother who will often be quick to anger, or conversely, just go into depressed state because of the overwhelm.  (I’m sure moms can relate to this scenario very well, I’ve been there myself.)

By taking regular care of herself in the form of regular acupuncture sessions, work outs/walks, mani pedis, Mom’s Night Outs, date nights, or just plain Me Time, moms can navigate the challenges of motherhood and childrearing with a little less stress and uphill battles and more calmness, energy, and lightness, being able to roll with the punches as they come - and even laugh along at the absurdity that sometimes motherhood is all about - because let’s face it mamas, childrearing will always demand the best of us!  So like they say in the airplane safety videos, put on the oxygen mask first, mamas (ie take care of yourself first!), then the oxygen mask for your  child.  A happy, “oxygenated” mom is a happy, centered family!