Iyashi Wellness Holistic Moms Club

I am so excited to announce the formation of my Holistic Moms Club!  This Club was created with the purpose of becoming an educational, social and wellness resource and support group for moms (and dads) and their families with children from 0-18 years old.  

There are thankfully many community resources for new & recent moms in Los Angeles, but what I realized, being a mother myself to a 2.5 year old and having mom-friends with children from 0-21 years old, was that the support we moms receive begins to wane as the children get older.  There are numerous potty-training, breastfeeding, and child development educational presentations and forums for moms to learn from and meet other moms in the same stage of their child's life, and this is wonderful because it is such a needed support for moms, especially first time moms.  What my Club will offer are these kinds of educational events plus events that help moms with older children, from learning how to properly hold a backpack to navigating the perils of teenage driving to bullying to internet navigation safety to how to parent tween/teenagers, and more.  It will also be a support group for moms where they can share and learn from fellow moms as well as from experts on topics such as house finance management, retirement planning, organizational tools, etc.

We will inaugurate the Club with a guest speaker lecture series.  The very first one will be February 10th, 2013 with Dr. Michelle McCarthy.  I have talks lined up for the coming months as well, so please email info@iyashiwellness.com with your name and email address and the age of your child(ren) to register for the club and to learn about upcoming events.