Career Day at Beverly Hills High School

Last week, I participated in a fantastic Career Day event at Beverly Hills High School. I was invited by my colleage Dr. Jonathon Herbert, D.C., to join him in explaining the ins and outs of our careers. We were in a classroom with students interested in learning about our careers. We each gave about a 15 min talk plus Q&A of what it takes to be - and what it's like to be - a Doctor of Chiropractic and Physician of Chinese Medicine. The students asked many interesting questions. It was a nice reminder for me to see how far I've come in my private practice to be able to mentor these students about my career, and in a more large scale, to see how far I've come as an adult! Sometimes, it just feels like yesterday that I was a teenager, completely lost and trying to find my place in this world!!

Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) has been organizing this event for 15 years now, and each year, it grows. They have keynote speakers each year to motivate students in finding their path (I unfortunately missed the keynote speaker's speech). The organizing committee is made up of both administration and students and the BHHS Career Center, and the planning takes a year, culminating in a fabulous event once a year with individuals from all industries and professions. In addition to myself and Dr. Herbert, there were other medical professionals, law enforcement individuals, people from the military, actors, musicians, artists, marketing executives, lawyers, culinary pofessionals, engineers, professors, bankers, and the list goes on. It says a lot about this event that of the 152 confirmed participants, 151 showed up to the event.

As a token of appreciation from BHHS, we were provided a delicious lunch prepared by the BHHS students enrolled in the culinary program. Delicious, healthy food!

I really enjoyed speaking to the students and helping them see a possibility in a medical career. This was a superbly organized event and the BHHS students are truly lucky to have such an amazing resource available to them to prepare them for the future. Go BHHS students!