Angelina Jolie Resolves Bell's Palsy Completely with Acupuncture

Photographs by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.  Exclusively on Vanity Fair

Photographs by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.  Exclusively on Vanity Fair

Angelina Jolie revealed in the upcoming September issue of Vanity Fair (available online now) that she suffered from Bell's Palsy last year.  What helped her recover fully from it was acupuncture.  

Acupuncture is an extremely effective treatment for Bell's Palsy, particularly if treated soon after the onset of the condition. In Asian Medicine, we say Bell's Palsy is often caused due to Wind in the Channels.  What this means is that due to an underlying deficiency in the Liver system the patient already has whether from lifestyle, poor diet, chronic infection or latent infection of some sort, or extreme, prolonged stress, the channels are vacuous like a hollow subway or tunnel.  When such a person is put in an environment with strong winds or drafts, this wind courses through the vacuous tunnel (ie channels) and can cause the muscles and nerves to "freeze" and droop.  What most patients will note upon consultation at an acupuncturist's office is that the Bell's Palsy came on after an evening sleeping under a rotating fan, or they were at the beach on a very windy day, or the A/C was blasting full strength right by their head or face.  Next thing you know, they have Bell's Palsy.  

If such a patient came in to get acupuncture,  moxa, cupping, and herbs - ASAP after this occurrence, the recovery is almost always 100%.  Even if  years have passed, I've had success helping patients recover their muscle strength back in the face.  One patient, who did extensive acupuncture at the onset of Bell's Palsy years ago and got much of it resolved, came to me because his Bell's Palsy started to get pronounced again due to his lifestyle and the natural progression of aging.  I was able to bring back mobility to the muscles again that the drooping was really only perceptible to someone looking intently at the face.  

If you or your loved one is suffering from Bell's Palsy, please seek out a physician of Asian Medicine immediately.  We can help tremendously!!