Bai Mu Er soup - Cooking with Herbs

Here is my video on how to make my delicious Bai Mu Er ("bigh moo er") soup, a chinese herbal soup that is very beneficial for maintaining youthful skin, strengthening the respiratory system and stopping cough, and calming the nerves.  It's a wonderful sweet soup that you can drink first thing in the morning to open up your appetite, or before you got to bed to help soothe your nerves and melt the stress away.  This video was taken at the Cooking with Herbs event at Bird Pick Tea and Herb, Culver City.  Bird Pick and I are doing a joint collaboration on educating the public on the health benefits of Chinese herbs.  We have our next Cooking with Herbs event scheduled for February 2/17.  For more information, click here .  For more information on this event series, go to Cooking with Herbs.  To sign up to be informed of this series or other Iyashi Wellness events, please go to my homepage.

Cooking instructions are provided on the soup kit I sell, but here are the instructions as per in the video provided above, which uses a crock pot.

  1. Soak Bai Mu Er in hot or cold water.  Hot water will make the mushroom expand faster, but cold water works just fine, too.  Wait until the mushroom expand.  
  2. Once expanded (color of Bai Mu Er will lighten), cut out the core of the mushroom (darker yellow core found underneath the mushroom) and discard.  Tear Bai Mu Er apart into small, bitable sizes, as the mushroom will expand during cooking.  Rinse and put aside.
  3. Rinse the remaining ingredients - longan fruit, go ji berries and Chinese jujube (or dates).
  4. Throw all 4 ingredients into a crock pot, add enough water to cover the pot and natural sweetener to your liking, set crock pot on low heat, and leave overnight (or set in the morning before you leave to work).  Voila!  Now you have a delicious porridge ready for you to eat in the morning, or an evening "snack" ready when you come home from work!  Mmmm!  And with so little effort!
  5. Store in fridge once it cools down, and it will keep for several days.
  6. My soup kit serves 6-8 servings.

Tip: During the cold winter months, add some slices of ginger to the recipe to give it that well-known spicy, warming effect of ginger.  Add grains or legumes to make it a heartier meal, too!

Drink this on a regular basis, and you will feel the long-lasting nourishing, calming, beautifying effects of the soup.   Safe for all ages to consume, including breastfeeding moms as well.

If you would like to purchase the soup kit, they are available through Bird Pick.