Book online with Iyashi Wellness!

I am excited to announce you can now book appointments with me online!  You don't have to play phone tag or wait for my email confirmation.  If you get inspired in the middle of the night that you want to come see, you can now book online and find out exactly when and at what time there are available slots!  You can find the "Book Now" button on my Iyashi Wellness website as well as on the Iyashi Wellness Facebook page.

This is just one of many new changes my website will be having in the coming future.  I am furiously working away with my webdeveloper to update my website to make it easier to read, more interactive with my patients and internet users, and to be more informative.  I will be including pages that describe certain conditions I treat at Iyashi Wellness and how I can help you, as well as groups of people I specialize in (moms, for example).  I will be including a video component to my site so that you can learn from the educational videos I will be uploading.  (I will be videotaping the cooking class on December 4th and uploading it on my site).    I will also have a Japanese homepage and Spanish homepage to assist my Japanese and Spanish-speaking websites.  And much more!

I will keep you posted on the developments of my updated Iyashi Wellness website.  In the meantime, enjoy booking your appointments with me online!