Get ready for summer with acupuncture!

With Memorial Day just passing us this week, summer is just around the corner and BBQ season has officially begun.  My family and I were able to inaugurate this delicious of all seasons by hosting a few families in our backyard.  We all had a nice, relaxing time enjoying the company and the delicious food we all brought (it was potluck style) and watching our children play with each other.

With BBQ season in full force now and summer coming real soon, it's a good time to come in and get an acupuncture session or two.  Why?  One word: tune up.  Just like a car needs her oil changed regularly to keep it running smoothly, our bodies need regular check ups to keep our immune system strong, or digestion functioning properly, and keeping our stress levels down, among other things.

With temperatures rising, the A/C will be blasting everywhere, making indoor and outdoor temperatures often shockingly different.  That drastic change in temperature makes our body very susceptible to catching colds.  Acupuncture can help to maintain and strengthen our immune response to these changes, preventing a cold from coming on.  With BBQ season all summer long, it means you'll get to eat a lot of yummy but potentially unhealthy foods that will only make your stomach sluggish, heavy, unhappy.  Acupuncture can help to keep your GI tract running happily, digesting the foods properly, and absorbing the nutrients appropriately.  It'll keep you regular, too, a very important part of keeping your immune system strong.

Wait, what's the connection between the GI and immune, you ask?  An estimated 60- 80% of your immune system resides in your in your gut, which when you think about it, it makes sense because most toxins come in from the mouth.  In order to attack the toxins that come in through the mouth, the GI tract has to have an abundant supply of immune cells.  So if you can go regularly to the bathroom, you're getting rid of toxic build up in the intestines and blood stream, keeping your immune system in top shape.  That's why it's good to also eat a lot of foods high in probiotic content, like yogurt, which keep the good bacteria in your gut strong.

So come in for a tune up to get ready for all the fun that summer always brings.  You'll feel like a million bucks after a treatment!