Blood Test Results

I attended a fascinating class recently on reading blood test results. It was an intensive, 16 hour, continuing education weekend course.

Conventionally speaking, when you get a blood test done and you get the results, the lab ranges provided on the results are based on a pathological state. It is based on the thousands of blood test samples taken at labs throughout the region. Because conventional healthcare system addresses a person only when they are sick, most blood samples tend to be heavily weighing on an already diseased state. What that means is that if your number falls in that lab range, you are already in a diseased state.

There is very little conventional medicine can do during the often slow stages of someone becoming sick, i.e. some becoming pathological. Based on the top 5 drugs prescribed in America, the most commonly addressed health concerns are cholesterol, pain, hypothyroidism, bacterial infections, and high blood pressure. These conditions are often indicators of deeper, organic malfunction. For example, high cholesterol is not just about cardiovascular health. It also indicates the state of the liver detoxification system and gastrointestinal function. Same thing with hypo- and hyperthyroidism. It is not just about the dysfunction of the thyroid organ per se, but has also a lot to do with blood glucose levels, liver function, gut health, and so forth.

I have a patient who has been coming to me for a few months because she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. She came to me specifically because she wanted to try and prevent it from getting worse because her doctor told her, "There's nothing we can do until you get worse. At that point, all we can do is give you drugs." So this patient came to me, and since our treatments, her symptoms have markedly improved - she now has regular periods, decreased PMS and pain during menses, decreased swelling in her face and throat, lost weight, hair has stopped falling out, sleeping well and through the night, and has regular bowel movements, more energy, decreased skin rashes, just to name a few. I educated her about the importance of a clean, healthy diet, to forego exercise at the expense of exhaustion, and to get more sleep every night. (People underestimate the importance of consistent good night's sleep and its impact on good health.) It has helped tremendously that she is on a gluten-free diet and is very compliant with office visits and intake of her herbs. But it is this cooperation and education between patient and I that is a win-win situation towards prevention and re-establishing of better, optimal health for my patients. And this is something most conventional doctors cannot provide because of their lack of education in preventative medicine and the constraints health insurances place on doctors' time with patients.

Anyway, I digressed. Back to what I learned in the weekend course.

What this particular class taught us instead was to learn how to read lab findings based on lab ranges that are pre-pathological. Based on those findings, we can asses potential dysfunctional health patterns and thereby address it before it becomes an actual diagnosable diseased state or condition. So if you came to me with a recent blood test result, I can read your results and tell you based on them whether you are en route to a certain dysfunction. I will confirm those findings doing a thorough intake of your present and past medical history. Your symptoms or signs - however subtle or meaningless to a conventional doctor but meaningful and indicative to a licensed acupuncturist like myself trained in the art of prevention - will help to confirm those lab findings. These dysfunctions, if not addressed properly, can - and often will - turn into a full blown diagnosed condition, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gallstones, tumors, etc. Based on your findings, we can together come up with a customized prevention plan using acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements, dietary changes and exercise program. Talk about prevention! That's the real strength of complementary medicine - prevention.

So if you:
  • haven't had a blood test done in a long time
  • have been concerned about certain symptoms or signs that conventional doctors can't or haven't been able to address
  • want to know your current health status
  • have certain conditions that run in your family, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. and want to know where you stand
  • want a reality check
Come see me! I can help!