Iyashi Wellness to go on a medical mission to the Caribbean!

I am very excited to announce that in two weeks, I will be joining a joint Eastern/Western medical team to the Dominican Republic for a one-week medical mission! We will be gone 10/16 - 10/23. This is my very first mission, and needless to say, I am excited!

This mission is organized and funded by a Korean church from Los Angeles, and they are being very generous with the travel expenses (a rarity in missions) and all the medical supplies we will be bringing to the D.R, including acupuncture supplies. We will also be bringing clothes, canes for the blind, supplies and printers to print photos taken on-site, and other materials - all supplied or donated by the church. Our crew will be taking over 20 cases of medical supplies and other materials on this trip!

I went to the orientation meeting yesterday, and had a chance to meet everyone. The team consists of a Western medical doctor (who is my friend), couple dentists, a nurse, a psychiatrist, couple hairstylists, a photographer, couple aides and myself. Lovely people committed to the well being of our fellow brothers and sisters of the world. I am super relieved to learn that most people joining this team are mission-veterans, having gone to numerous parts of the world to provide humanitarian aid. I know I will be part of a team that will not only help me in the first few days as I get a crash course in aid work, but once we get a flow of things, we will all be working as a tight team to help each other out.

Between the Western doctor and myself, we will be seeing approximately 200 people a day, and treating primarily cases of respiratory infections, hypertension, yeast infections, and skin rashes/skin disorders. I alone will most likely be seeing about 50 patients in a 6-hour time span, for 6 days. Talk about being quick on your feet and needing stamina!

As I prepare myself physically and mentally, I ask all my friends and colleagues to say a little prayer for our team, to have us in your thoughts during the week we will be gone, that we will be guided by the Powers That Be, that we will be safe and protected, and that we would've been able to complete the mission with what we went to accomplish: to provide relief and a sense of hope to many who are not as fortunate us. And given that this is my first mission, can you also add a little something extra in your prayers for me? :-) That I can say centered and effective in the midst of chaos -- or something like that? It is my intention to provide medical care and relief, of course, but underlying all of that, to also be centered at all times so that I can be effective and present with each and every patient I will see. Thanks!

I can't wait to share with you all my experience when I get back.

Oh, so needless to say, there will be no Acupuncture Happy Hour on 10/21. The clinic will be closed from 10/16 - 10/24. Clinic hours will resume Tuesday October 27th. Thank you.