Luriko Ozeki, L.Ac. being recognized at the PACE Women Business Center

I am proud to announce that I was one of 5 recipients to receive an award money from the PACE Women's Business Center (WBC). The award money was distributed to 5 underserved female business entrepreneurs.

To celebrate, PACE WBC will be hosting an awards ceremony - Celebrating Women in Business - at the Music Center, tomorrow, June 25th from 5:30p - 8:30p.

As part of the celebration, there will also be about 50 business booths of women-run enterprises. Iyashi Wellness will be there. Appetizers and foods will also be provided by PACE WBC.

So come join the festivities and network with dynamic female entrepreneurs, community members, local community politicians, and bankers.

To read about more about this award and the five recipients, click here