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A FAMILY haven for healing,

caring, balance, and restoration.


For Kids, a non-needling gentle approach 

to wellness, prevention and healing


Luriko P. Ozeki, L.Ac.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

I have created a serene oasis in West Los Angeles that will put both the adult and child at ease the moment one steps foot into my practice.  No hustle or bustle, and almost never a wait time.  Once in the treatment room with me, I will patiently listen to all of your concerns or your child's concerns and answer each of your questions thoroughly.  My other office in Playa Vista Adjacent is another office that is very relaxing, calming, and very child-friendly.  An ideal space for a family to come, and especially for the spirited child or newborns.  I treat both adults and children, a true family practice.

As a pioneer in the field of Pediatric Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (PAOM) in the Los Angeles area, I am dedicated to educating the community of the amazing benefits of PAOM as an adjunct to pediatric healthcare.  I can be the first line defense in many of your child's common childhood ailments, avoiding the costly and often toxic and invasive nature of allopathic medicine's drug treatments and surgeries.  I often work integratively with your child's pediatrician to provide treatments that are gentle, natural, preventative and life affirming -- tenets of Oriental Medicine -- with successful results.  I am not, however, an MD, therefore, I cannot provide forms for schools, administer vaccine shots, nor do I have hospital privileges.

I encourage an open dialogue at all times.  Iyashi Wellness is the haven where you can express yourself fully and honestly, because it is with honesty and expression where the first true steps towards deep healing occurs.  To encourage this open dialogue, I include nutritional, wellness, and lifestyle counseling so that you can make changes that positively affect your day-to-day life – not just in the treatment room. 

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IYASHI WELLNESS celebrates 10 years helping heal people's lives

January 2018 marks 10 successful years of business for Iyashi Wellness and 19 years that Luriko Ozeki has been in the health industry!  This is no small feat for a small business and an acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles where the city is saturated with acupuncturists.   "I am truly in awe at the journey I have ended up taking to come to this point, a journey I never thought to take, but when divine intervention took hold, there was no turning back and I have been on fire since the first day of acupuncture school to help make the world a better a place.   I am completely humbled by all the assistance I have received over the years from family, colleagues, friends, patients, former co-workers, community members, educators and mentors who have guided my every step.  I hope to continue to assist Los Angeles families to find better health, mind and spirit for many more years to come!" 

10 Years!

Happy Anniversary, Iyashi Wellness!


Hours & LOCATIONS - note 2019 Summer hours and holidays

*West Los Angeles Office*

2001 S. Barrington Avenue, Ste. 219

Los Angeles, CA  90025

Tues | 10:00am - 5:00pm

*Playa Vista Adjacent 90045 Office*

Mon | 10:00am - 5:00pm 

Wed |10:00am - 5:00pm

Thurs |  9:00am - 2:00pm

Fri, Sat, Sun |  CLOSED

By appointment only at both offices






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