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A FAMILY haven for healing,

caring, balance, and restoration.


For Kids, a non-needling gentle approach 

to wellness, prevention and healing


Luriko P. Ozeki, L.Ac.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

I have created a serene oasis in West Los Angeles that will put both the adult and child at ease the moment one steps foot into my practice.  No hustle or bustle, and almost never a wait time.  Once in the treatment room with me, I will patiently listen to all of your concerns or your child's concerns and answer each of your questions thoroughly.  My other office in Playa Vista Adjacent is another office that is very relaxing, calming, and very child-friendly.  An ideal space for a family to come, and especially for the spirited child or newborns.  I treat both adults and children, a true family practice.

As a pioneer and premiere expert in the field of Pediatric Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (PAOM) in the Los Angeles area, I am dedicated to educating the community of the amazing benefits of PAOM as an adjunct to pediatric healthcare.  I can be the first line defense in many of your child's common childhood ailments, avoiding the costly and often toxic and invasive nature of allopathic medicine's drug treatments and surgeries.  I often work integratively with your child's pediatrician to provide treatments that are gentle, natural, preventative and life affirming -- tenets of Oriental Medicine -- with successful results.  I am not, however, an MD, therefore, I cannot provide forms for schools, administer vaccine shots, nor do I have hospital privileges.

I encourage an open dialogue at all times.  Iyashi Wellness is the haven where you can express yourself fully and honestly, because it is with honesty and expression where the first true steps towards deep healing occurs.  To encourage this open dialogue, I include nutritional, wellness, and lifestyle counseling so that you can make changes that positively affect your day-to-day life – not just in the treatment room. 

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Luriko doing fire cupping on a pediatric patient

Luriko doing fire cupping on a pediatric patient

Iyashi Wellness has been quoted in a national online sports magazine!  As a result of all the attention cupping has gained from the marks seen on Olympians Michael Phleps and Alex Naddour, the magazine has written about cupping, how I use it in my office, and has showcased other athletes who use cupping.

Cupping is an ancient technique utilized in Asian medicine but also found in Islamic traditions, Eastern Europe, and in Latin America.  

Physicians of Asian Medicine use cupping to alleviate tight, tense, painful muscles.  It is often used on the back and shoulders. The type of cupping seen on the Olympians uses a technique called Fire Cupping (using fire to create suction in the glass cups and putting these cups over surfaces of skin, with no fire in it of course) or pump cupping (using suction pumps to create suction in the plastic cups).  Consider it a hickey if you will, without the mouth.  The cups create negative pressure, bringing blood and deeper surfaces of muscles and fascia to the surface of the skin, thereby forcing blood to circulate through them to improve metabolic activity and detoxification processes.  Doing this decreases inflammation, improves better blood and oxygen circulation, and thereby repairs muscles and fascia faster, improving muscle tone and hydration to the skin and muscles.  Darker marks indicate more toxicity and stagnant blood was pulled out of the system.  Redder marks mean more heat was pulled out.  

Contrary to some reports in the news, the cupping marks do not hurt, unlike true bruises made from a blunt trauma to the area, like from hitting or falling.  The intensity of the suction itself may hurt, but that can be quickly corrected and reduced under the care of a qualified healthcare practitioner, and allow the patient to enjoy the cupping treatment.  If using pump cups, the control of the suction is even easier, allowing, as some athletes have noted in the news, to begin doing these types of cups themselves.

I use Fire Cupping on adults and children who like stronger stimulation.  I use a gentler, less intense technique using silicone cups on infants, small children, and people with a sensitive constitution.  (This technique usually does not leave the dark circular marks on the skin.)  I see wonderful - immediate - results on children suffering from coughs, colds and flus, asthmatic presentations, ADD, low energy, picky appetites, constipation, anxiety and depression, and more.  Same can be said with adults.  The results are instant and long-lasting. I teach parents how to do either of the cupping techniques at home so that the effects of my treatment last longer.

If you haven't tried it, come in for a session!  If cupping helped Michael Phelps get his 23rd Olympic medal, it can help you achieve your dreams, too!!

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