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Luriko P. Ozeki, L.Ac.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

Luriko P. Ozeki, L.A.c.

I have created a serene oasis in West Los Angeles to put you at ease the moment you step foot into my practice.  No hustle or bustle, and almost never a wait time.  Once in the treatment room with me, I will patiently listen to all of your concerns and answer each of your questions thoroughly.

As a small child, I always knew I enjoyed helping people and making them feel better.  It was at a Japanese supplements company that further cultivated my passion for Eastern health philosophy and nutrition, and I decided to heed the calling into healthcare.

I encourage an open dialogue at all times.  Iyashi Wellness is the safe haven where you can express yourself fully and honestly, because it is with honesty and expression where the first true steps towards deep healing occurs.  To encourage this open dialogue, I include nutritional, wellness, and lifestyle counseling so that you can make changes that positively affect your day-to-day life – not just in the treatment room. 

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Spirit-Body | Mind-Care

Although addressing pain, discomfort and medical conditions are important daily services that a health care provider must provide their patients, the true source of your healing capacity comes from within.  The approach and method I use to treat my patients are very unique in that I use very specific acupuncture protocols (set of points) to help open up your body energetically for treatments that are much more deep and transformational than what most other acupuncturist use.  These points are truly powerful because they address your Spirit and Mind with the Body connection.   

In Chinese medicine, we say the Spirit-Mind, or Shen, resides in the Heart system.  (The Heart system here both refers to the heart organ as it’s known in western anatomy, as well as the energetics of the organ and the channel corresponding to it that runs in the body, as we believe in Chinese Medicine.)  Because we Chinese medicine practitioners believe the Heart and thus the Shen is the Monarch of all the other organs and channels, if the Shen can rule them with grace, compassion and wisdom, then the organs will follow suit.   The synergistic effect then is that the body can begin resolving long-held beliefs, blockages, toxins, and traumas.  With release and resolution, your body can then begin to operate effectively, harmoniously, and optimally.   Therefore, the foundation of true healing comes when your Spirit, the Shen, is open, flowing, and balanced. 

At Iyashi Wellness, I work hard to help heal your pains and medical concerns through acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling and lifestyle counseling, but I also strive to help reawaken your Spirit-Mind, the Shen, through the very specific acupuncture protocols I mentioned above, so that ultimately you, the patient, may begin to feel inspired and activated to reach your true potential in health and life goals.  We then become true partners in your health care - you leading, me supporting you.

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